List Of Backup Utilities

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List Of Backup Utilities

Postby SIbinPhilip » Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:08 pm

1. fwbackups :- This is, by far, the easiest of all the Linux backup solutions. It is cross platform, has a user-friendly interface, and can do single backups or recurring scheduled backups. The fwbackups tool allows you to do backups either locally or remotely in tar, tar.gz, tar.bZ, or rsync format.
2. Bacula :- Bacula is a powerful Linux backup solution, and it's one of the few Linux open source backup solutions that's truly enterprise ready.
3. Rsync :- Rsync is one of the most widely used Linux backup solutions. With rsync, you can do flexible incremental backups, either locally or remotely.
4. Mondorescue :- Mondorescue is one of those tools you have around for disaster recovery because one of its strengths is backing up an entire installation. Another strength of Mondorescue is that it can back up to nearly any medium: CD, DVD, tape, NFS, hard disk, etc.
5. Simple Backup Solution :- Simple Backup Solution is primarily targeted at desktop backup. It can back up files and directories and allows regular expressions to be used for exclusion purposes.
6. Amanda :- Amanda allows an administrator to set up a single backup server and back up multiple hosts to it. It's robust, reliable, and flexible.
7. Arkeia :- It is an enterprise-level backup-restore utility. It is not free of cost and it is best suited for large business to enterprise-level needs.
8. Back In Time :- Back In Time allows you to take snapshots of predefined directories and can do so on a schedule. This tool has an outstanding interface and integrates well with GNOME and KDE.
9. Box Backup :- Box Backup is unique in that not only is it fully automated but it can use encryption to secure your backups. Box Backup uses both a client daemon and server daemon, as well as a restore utility. Box Backup uses SSL certificates to authenticate clients, so connections are secure.
10. Kbackup :- Kbackup is a simple backup utility that backs up locally to any media (hard drive or mounted device) that can be written to.
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List Of Backup Utilities

Postby Dinulya » Wed Mar 11, 2015 8:52 am

Thats a nice list, huge. Im not a big gamer anymore, but I dabble off and on, thanks
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